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 We have now created phenology sites at multiple different locations along the PCT in Inyo National Forest and Yosemite National Park as well as in North Cascades National Park. We need your help to survey these sites as you hike! Please follow the quick start guide below, and head to our Resources page for more detailed instructions.

How to Participate (Quick Start Guide)

1. Download the Nature's Notebook app available in the Apple or Google Play store. 
2. Set up your Nature's Notebook account and join the Walking With Wildflowers group. 
3. Download the Halfmile App to find the phenology sites on the Pacific Crest Trail. 
4. Download the hiker companion guide for your section of the trail for plant locations and photo resources. 

Please contact us if you are interested in participating and need more assistance!

Other Citizen Science Opportunities

Do you want to participate in phenology observations, but are not hiking the PCT this year? That is great! The USA National Phenology Network has many opportunities to survey phenology in your own backyard. 

Are you located close to Mt. Rainier National Park?  Then, perhaps MeadoWatch is for you! MeadoWatch surveys phenology for a number of important wildflowers in Mt. Ranier National Park.

Are you hiking the Appalacian Trail this year instead of the Pacific Crest Trail? USA-National Phenology Network also partners with A.T. Seasons program to survey phenology for important species along this trail.

Happy Trails!


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